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Banking & Financial Sector Solutions

Grievance Management Workflow

Competitive and regulatory pressures are forcing organizations to change the way they handle, manage, respond to, and report customer Grievance. Chic's Grievance Management solution is a comprehensive solution for managing grievance from customers. The real-time visibility provided by the customer grievance solution enables the organization to track each grievance through its lifecycle from recording and initiation to investigation, reporting, and closure - following the appropriate process to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. The email and SMS notification combined with escalation and web-based tracking of the grievance makes the solution comprehensive.

The powerful analytics and reporting capability of the Grievance Management Solution, helps managers to perform trend analysis and spot recurring problems to drive root cause analysis in a timely manner. Based on a grievance, managers can also trigger internal corrective and preventive action (CAPA). Using the Grievance handling solution, your organization can increase customer satisfaction and retention through improved responsiveness. Rigorous management of customer Grievance also drives continuous improvement and regulatory compliance.

The solution guides the user by dynamically enabling, disabling, mandating, or defaulting fields based on data being entered. Drop-down menus, logical validations, and auto-fill capabilities boost efficiency and ensure accuracy of information. Depending on the grievance parameters the case is automatically routed for investigation, response, and reporting. Notifications are sent to relevant departments and personnel and escalation mechanism is triggered based on the organizational hierarchy.

The escalation matrix is defined as per the escalation policy, the organizational hierarchy, the geographical spread and user classification. Our solution also comes with the option of integrating with legacy systems where corrective actions trigger actions on the legacy system as well.

Lead Management for Retail Banking

Today, more than ever before, the ability to maximize customer loyalty through close and durable relationships is critical to retail bank's ability to grow their businesses. As banks strive to create and manage customer relationships, several emerging trends affect the approach and tools banks employ to achieve sustainable growth. These trends reflect a fundamental change in the way banks interact with the customers they have - and those they want to acquire.

Lead management application helps to automate and organize the sales process. It takes care right from leads getting converted to concrete clients. It supports to have a bird's eye view for the sales process and help to take next step or approach based on sequential and latest steps or actions. It aids to make efficient use of available resources, guide them and increase productivity.

The mail based system sends acknowledgement mail to the prospect and the concerned officer. At the backend the application is armed with rules based on the organization hierarchy and user classification. Prospects are sorted on the basis of type of products and the regions and branches and relevant enquiries are forwarded to the concerned officer. It significantly reduces the response time and also provides a great tool to the management to monitor the prospects status and the conversion into new business.

Multi-bank ATM Redressal

Banks ATM Network and Customer Services is a body that runs a network of ATMs for the member banks. The network allows the customers of each member bank to access and transact on their bank accounts through these ATMs.

As with any work process this too involves redressal of issues relating to transactions. Our application allows for Issues to be created and tracked by member banks. The issues also get escalated as per the escalation policy of BANCS. Reconciliation of issues are done based on the reports generated by our application. This workflow application actually helps the banks resolve the issues of banks and its customers and at the same time maintains the sanctity of BANCS as the facilitator.

Currently there are 55 banks in the BANCS network.

Project and Deployment Tracking

Financial Institutions need to deploy funds and at the same time track the progress of the project as well as the fund deployment status. This involves many bodies and is tracked at various levels particularly when government bodies are involved and the deployment needs to be monitored very closely.

Our application provides a workflow solution where the projects can be broken down to various stages and the tracking can be done based on the stage of completion. The administration of the project is defined by the user matrix provided by the institution. Necessary mail notifications are built in to the application which keeps a check on non-performance.

Status changes, comments and updates are maintained and tagged to each project creating a history sheet which gives a snapshot on all the progress made so far. The application also enables reporting on the basis of the organizational hierarchy viz. micro-level reporting is required by the managers, whereas a macro level report is what is required by the top management.

Legacy to Web Integration solutions

Quite often we have come across clients who have their legacy systems in place and yet the need for some functions to be carried out on the net is so strong that a solution where both, the legacy system as well as the web based application co-exist, is the only option.

We have executed customized applications for our clients in the banking and financial institutions sector where our web based application has worked in tandem with the legacy system. This has allowed our clients to maintain their work processes at the same time giving them a lot of flexibility in terms of locational and geographical freedom.